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Match Fishing Rules

Match Rules

1 Immediately on arriving at your peg keep nets must be stretched out on the bank.  15 minutes beforethe start of the match your match steward will shout "nets in" and only then can nets be put in the water.

2 All keep nets and landing nets to be soft fish friendly nets.

3 Minimum of 2 keep nets to be used and both must be in the water from the start of the match.

On phase1 the fish must be split evenly with a maximum of 80lb in any net,  80lb to 90lb to count only as 80lb, above 90lb angler disqualified

On phase 2 and 3 There must be 2 nets in the water from the start of the match.  Fish must be split, carp above 2lb in one net and silverfish and carp below 2lb in another net.  Maximum of 80lb in any net, 80lb to 90lb to count only as 80lb, above 90lb angler disqualified.

We have spare nets freely available for a £20 refundable deposit.

4 Barbless hooks only, maximum size 10  

5 The only feed pellets allowed are Dynamite Baits green swim stim or any pellets brought from our bait shop.  Maximum of 4 bags on phase1 and 2 bags on phase 2 and 3. No other feed pellets to be taken to the bank.  You  can use any make of groundbait, sweetcorn etc as feed in reasonble quantities.

6 Each angler is allowed 1/2 pint of hook pellets which can be any carp friendly pellet.  No marine hallibut pellets or trout pellets.  You are not allowed to feed hooker pellets.

7  Bait bans: No bloodworm or joker.  Only fish friendly baits.

8 Maximum of 2x 300g tins of luncheon meat, 1 x 400g tin of catmeat preferably used as hook bait. No additional cat meat/Luncheon meat to be used in groundbait.

9 Floating baits may only be used on the hook, no feeding of anything that floats. If your club rules do not allow floating baits you cannot use them here.

10. No bait to be thrown in the lake at the end of the match.  Please put it in the green bins

11 All litter must be put in the bins provided.  .

12 No dogs allowed on the fishery

13 Any problems must be reported immediately to the bailiff.